A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

Below is the Client Log screen.  This is the module that allows client's to track their success in return to work or career change activities.  It is designed to help keep track of dates, times and the who, what and where of vocational activities.

It is recommended that clients enter any names of contacts they have made and their phone numbers, addresses and other pertinent information that may help them in the future.

Entries are easy to make by simply entering the date, time and label of the accomplishment.  Entering the time spent can help show your counselor (if you have one) how much time you are putting into these activities.

This area is for the client.  Counselors and Administrators may review this area, but should not enter information here.

Client Log

This is your log. You can enter whatever you like.
It can be a great way to keep track of your accomplishments, what you have been doing, who you contacted, when, where, phone numbers etc.
That information can be of great value later, if you need to write a thank you letter or return a call.

  • Note: If you have a counselor they can review your log as well.
    The log may be used to show how you are participating in your case.
    Follow your counselor's instructions for entries and using your log.
  • The first time you enter the Career AI system, your log is created and an entry made.
    The first entry appears as shown below.
  • To create an entry, simply enter your information in the blank line at the bottom of the list of entries. click SUBMIT to save
  • You MUST enter a date and time as shown, in order for the system to save your information
    If you enter an incorrect Date or Time, an error message will appear
  • If you wish to delete an entry, simply delete the date and the record will disappear when you click SUBMIT
  • Afer you make an entry make sure you click the Submit button to update your Log.
  • Records are reordered by date and time.
  • If you have a lot of information, enter it in the Comments area which is unlimited.

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Client Log for: John Sample   Case Number: 12345ABC      Total Days Logging:   57

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New Accomplishment (100 chars) New Brief Comment (100 chars) New Comments (unlimited) Decimal format,
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* To Delete a line, simply delete the date on that line and click Submit