A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

The Administration Menu for Administrators, is the highest level of user on the system.   They can create or delete counselors and clients.   They can also restore deleted client or counselor records to the system.  They can allocate resources to any of their counselors.  They can review a counselors time line for a client or a client's audit trail of use on the system.  Administrators can do anything a counselor can do and more.

This menu allows the admin control over their counselor case load.  They can create new counselors, assigning usernames and passwords that allow their counselors access to the system.  They can assign "client packs."   Client packs are pre-purchased payments for client use of the system.  Each "client pack" allows 1 client to use the system.  Client packs can be purchased individually or in bulk at a discount.  Packs can be reassigned to any counselor within your jurisdiction, or that you have created.

Admins can review client Resumes, Cover Letters and Client Log reports from this menu as well as generate their own reports: Interest Inventory, Audit Report (client use of the system report,) modules completed report, Transferable Skills Analysis (correlated to interest inventory,) the counselor's own Time Line report and a counselor report of all their counselors in the system.

Below is the Administrator help screen. It displays both the Administrator's main menu and the admin menu.

What is available to the Administrator?

The Administrator has the highest security level available on the system.
They control their counsellors, manage their resources (client packs), and can manage clients as well, when necessary.

  • Administrators are in control of the counsellors working below them and "can *" control the clients working below their counsellors
    *typically clients are controlled by their counsellor, but the administrator does have access to editing or deleting client records.
  • Only administrators can perform a delete of either a counsellor or a client.
  • Administrators can Add a client to their own list, or to any counsellors list. * Typically, a counsellor creates their own clients.
  • Administrators can Edit a client and their information.  They can also reassign a single client through the edit screen, to another counsellor.
  • Administrators are in charge of dispersing "client packs" to their counsellors. 
    Client packs are purchased by the Administrator and assigned to their counsellors
    through the Edit Counsellor Button
  • Administrators can review ANY reports generated by counsellor or client.
  • Administrators can review their own counsellor reports, listing their counsellors and the clients assigned to their counsellors.

This is the Administrator menu.
It contains options unavailable to counselors.

User: Thomas

This first block of buttons contains administrative functions which pertain primarily to clients.

Common Navigation buttons seen throughout
"Usually" performed by counselor
Administrators "may" create clients and assign them.
"Usually" performed by counselor
Administrators "may" edit clients and re-assign them.
This is an ADMIN only function
Only Administrators "may" delete clients, deletions are archived in the event of an error
This is an ADMIN only function
Deleted clients are archived, and can be restored
Available to counselor or Admin
Administrators see all reports counsellor and clients see, and have counsellor reports as well
Available to counselor or Admin
Administrators can view an audit trail of any client assigned to one of his counsellors
Available to counselor or Admin
Counselor's case log, computes time * cost based on hourly rate entered when counsellor created

This second block of buttons contains administrative functions pertaining to counselors.
not seen at counselor level
This menu is not available to clients or Counsellors
and does NOT appear to them.
Create a new counselor
Administrators Add counsellors working for them.
Edit or reassign a counselor
Administrator may edit any counsellor working for them. They can also assign "client packs" to their counsellors from their store of previously purchased packs.
Reassign ALL of 1 counselor's clients
to another counselor

In the event a counsellor leaves your employ, you may reassign all of their clients to another counsellor easily.
Delete counselor
Only Administrators may remove a counsellor from their list.
Deleted records are archived.
Undelete a counselor
Deleted counsellors are archived, and can be easily restored
View Counselor's Activity
In the event an administrator wishes to review a counselor's use of the system, an audit trail is available.

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