A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

The counselor Administration Menu allows the counselor control over his case load.  The counselor can create new clients, assigning usernames and passwords that allow their clients to access the system.  Edits can be performed in the event of address changes, or phone number changes etc.  Counselors can review client Resumes, Cover Letters and Client Log reports from this menu as well as generate their own reports: Interest Inventory, Audit Report (client use of the system report,) modules completed report, Transferable Skills Analysis (correlated to interest inventory) and the counselor's own Time Line report.

The Time Line allows the counselor to track his time on a case, meetings, phone calls, etc. time spent and it will automatically calculate costs based on the counselors hourly rate * time.  Costs are deducted automatically from a budgeted amount determined at the time of client creation on the system.  This running tabulation helps the counselor stay on task and within budget.

What is available to the Counselor?

The Counselor has the second highest security level available on the system.
They control the clients assigned to them, or those they created under their account.

  • Counselors are in control of the clients which they have created
    Counselors can Add a client to their own list
    * Typically, a Counselor creates their own clients.
  • Counselors can Edit a client and their information.
  • Counselors can review ANY reports generated by their clients. 
  • Counselors can review their own clients Audit Trail and Audit Trail Report.
  • Counselors can view/enter time spent per client, cost and budget.

This is the Counselor Administration Menu

User: Tom <--- your User ID

This block of buttons contains administrative functions which pertain primarily to your clients.   It also includes your TIME LINE which allows you to track your client time, costs and per client budget.

Common Navigation Buttons seen throughout
"Usually" performed by Counselor
Counselors typically create their own clients.
"Usually" performed by Counselor
Counselors "may" edit client's data
Available to Counselor or Admin
Counselors see all reports their client can see and can also see their Client's Audit Trail Report
Available to Counselor or Admin
Counselors can view an audit trail of any client assigned to them.
Available to Counselor or Admin
View time spent per client, cost and budget

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