A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

Below is the Administrator's main menu and administration menu help screen.  It displays the Main Menu as the Administrator will see it.  Notice there are no status indicators. 

From the Administrator Main Menu Administrator 's can view anything a client sees, plus they can create a Transferable Skills Analysis and review the client's log entries.

The Administrator's Admin menu is also shown. From here Administrators can create, edit and delete, counselors or client's.   They can view reports, view counselor activity on the system, view client activity on the system (audit trail) and assign "client packs" to their counselors.

After you log in, you will be presented with a menu of options in button form.
(Shown Below)

User: Thomas

CAI MAIN MENU Main Menu Help

Takes you back to Welcome page
Client Interest Inventories
What goes into a Resume?
Client Resumes
Cover Letter Info
Client Cover Letters
Create Transferable Skills Analysis
Where to find Jobs
Interviewing Basics
Job Openings & Job Offer Info
Client's log of their Return To Work activity

Each button above is a section or work area for a client to explore or complete.
Each section can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1/2 hour or more to complete.

Clients need NOT be concerned about finishing everything at once.
They may return and spend as much time as they like on each section.
This is the menu all clients see.

Counselors and Administrators have an extra button on the main menu.
This button takes them to their administrative page.
Shown on a separate page is the
Administrator level Administration menu
(Shown below)

This is the Administrator menu.
It contains options unavailable to counselors.

User: Thomas

Admin Help

This first block of buttons contains administrative functions which pertain primarily to clients.
"Usually" performed by counselor
"Usually" performed by counselor
This is an ADMIN only function
This is an ADMIN only function
Available to counselor or Admin
Available to counselor or Admin
Available to counselor or Admin

This second block of buttons contains administrative functions pertaining to counselors.
Not seen at counselor level
Create a new counselor
Edit or reassign a counselor
Reassign ALL of 1 counselor's clients
to another counselor
Delete counselor
Undelete a counselor
View Counselor's Activity

Exit System