A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

Below is the counselor main menu and counselor administration menu, help screen.  It displays the Main Menu as the counselor will see it.  Notice there are no status indicators.  From the counselor Main Menu counselor's can view anything a client sees, plus they can create a Transferable Skills Analysis and review the client's log entries.

The counselors administration menu is also shown. From here counselors can create and edit client's, view reports, view client activity on the system (audit trail) and keep a log of their time on the case with the Time Line.

Counselor Main Menu

Below is the Main Menu shown with all the Counselor modules available, including the Transferable Skills Analysis.

The buttons are the same as those shown to your client, except the REPORTS button is in the Administrative Menu.

Each module contains a button stating: "I HAVE COMPLETED THIS MODULE." 
Your client should click this button when they have finished each module in order to correctly trigger the status indicators.
"Status" indicators for "client" modules will either show as for completed or for incomplete or not read yet. * There are no status indicators for counselors.

There is no need for your client to complete any module in one session.
Your client may return to any module as often as they like.

  • [Back to Start] returns you to the welcome page.
  • [Interest Inventory]  There are 180 questions which you answer as Like, Dislike or Unsure.  The results provide a list a occupations that match the clients interest areas.
  • [Resume Info] contains information to review about creating a resume and applying for a job. 
  • [Create Resume] is a Resume Template form which you can fill in and save.  You can request a version printed in either PDF or RTF format.
    PDF is Adobe's Portable Document Format which you can review using Adobe Reader a free program at their site: www.Adobe.com
    RTF is Rich Text Format which you can load into a word processor to edit.
    You can create a resume, request a printed version, change it, and create a new one.   You can create as many as you like.
    They are all saved under your name and available to you under the Reports button.
  • [Cover Letter Info] contains cover letter tips and information.
  • [Create Cover Letter] Access the Cover Letter template.
    This template is a form, similar to the Create Resume form.  As with the Create Resume module you can print and save multiple versions of your cover letter.
  • [Create Transferable Skills Analysis]
    The results of your client's Interest Inventory are correlated to your Transferable Skills Analysis which shows occupations for which your client has a high interest and has transferable skills to their vocational history skills.
    * There may not be any that correlate or match their interests.
  • [Job Search Techniques] is an information section about job searching.
  • [Interviewing Tips & Techniques] contains information on the basics of preparing for an interview.
  • [Additional Job Tips] includes where to learn about job offers and how to evaluate a job offer.

  • [Administration Menu]
  • [Back to Start] returns you to the welcome page.
  • [Back to Main Menu] returns you to the menu page.
  • [Create New Client] this is where you set up your clients initial case data.
    You create a User ID and a Password for your client to access the system.
    You "may" also enter a projected cost to use with your Time Line feature.
  • [Edit Client] here you can change a clients User ID or password, or correct any personal details about the client, such as name, address, phone number, or e-mail address.
  • [Reports] allows you to create or view reports for a particular client.
  • [Client Audit Trail] shows client activity on system
  • [Time Line] Counselor Date and Time log for milestones in the case. Computes time, cost and amount saved.

User: Tom <--- your User ID

Takes you back to Welcome page
Client Interest Inventories
What goes into a Resume?
Client Resumes
Cover Letter Info
Client Cover Letters
Create Transferable Skills Analysis
Where to find Jobs
Interviewing Basics
Job Openings & Job Offer Info
Client's log of their Return To Work activity

Each button above is a section or work area to explore or complete.
Each section can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1/2 hour or more to complete.

Clients need not be concerned about finishing everything at once.
They may return and spend as much time as they like on each section.

Counselors and Administrators have an extra button on the main menu.
This button takes them to their administrative page.
Shown on a separate page is the
Counselor level Administration menu
(Shown below)

This is the Counselor Administration Menu

User: Tom <--- your User ID

Counselor Admin Screen

This block of buttons contains administrative functions which pertain primarily to your clients.
It also includes your TIME LINE which allows you to track your client time, costs and per client budget.
"Usually" performed by counselor
"Usually" performed by counselor
Available to counselor or Admin
Available to counselor or Admin
Available to counselor or Admin

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