A Comprehensive Career Planning, Transitioning & Guidance System

The main menu help screen.  It displays the client main menu with an explanation of the various modules.  The main menu is the central starting point for everything in Career A.I.  The client, counselor and administrator can all view the modules shown below.  Counselors and Administrators can actually assist clients in completion of these modules, cooperatively, at the same time.  Counselors and Administrators can also review client modules for errors, completion, and any assistance as needed.

Main Menu

After you log in, you will be presented with a menu of options in button form.
(Shown Below)

Your "Status" for modules will either show as for completed or for incomplete or not read yet.
Below is the Main Menu shown with all the modules available, including the Transferable Skills Analysis.
NOTE: The Transferable Skills Analysis button will only appear if you have a counselor who has created a Transferable Skills Analysis for you.

The remaining buttons can be accomplished or viewed in any order, however it is best to complete them all.   Each module has a button stating "I HAVE COMPLETED THIS MODULE."  Please click this button when you have finished each module.

You may return to any module as often as you like.

  • The Interest Inventory does take awhile to complete, however you can return to complete it if you run out of time.
  • Resume Info contains information to review about creating a resume and applying for a job. 
  • Create Resume is a Resume Template form which you can fill in and save.  You can request a version printed in either PDF or RTF format.
    PDF is Adobe's Portable Document Format which you can review using Adobe Reader a free program at their site: www.Adobe.com
    RTF is Rich Text Format which you can load into a word processor to edit.
    You can create a resume, request a printed version, change it, and create a new one.   You can create as many as you like.
    They are all saved under your name and available to you under the View Reports button.
  • Create Cover letter contains cover letter tips and information and a button to access the Create Cover Letter template.
    This template is a form, similar to the Create Resume form.  As with the Create Resume module you can print and save multiple versions of your cover letter.
  • View Transferable Skills Results will appear if you have had a Transferable Skills Analysis created for you.
    The results of your Interest Inventory are correlated to your Transferable Skills Analysis which gives you those occupations for which you have a high interest and are transferable to your current skills.
    * There may not be any that correlate.
  • Job Search Techniques is an information section about job searching.
  • Interviewing has information on the basics to prepare for an interview.
  • Additional Job Tips includes where to learn about job offers and how to evaluate a job offer.
  • View Reports is where you can download your Resumes and Cover letters from the server.  You can also review your Transferable Skills Analysis and Interest Report.

User ID: John <--- your User ID

Status * Takes you back to Welcome page
* Indicates Module Completion
180 questions to determine your Interest Areas
What goes into a Resume?
Resume Template, fill in form with examples
What goes into a Cover Letter?

Cover Letter Template, fill in form with examples
Transferable Skills Analysis  *If you have a counselor
and they have created a TSA, this button will appear
Where to find Jobs
Interviewing Basics
Job Openings & the Job Offers
 View Resumes, Cover Letters, TSA and Client Log
 Your personal log of your Return To Work activity

Leave System

Each button is a section or work area to explore or complete.
Each section can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1/2 hour or more to complete.

Do not be concerned about finishing everything at once.
You may return and spend as much time as you like on each section.

If you are ready to proceed, please click the CLOSE button below.
Good luck and we hope you enjoy exploring your next career.