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You can now search by title or partial title in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) or by Standard Occupational Codes (SOC) titles.  You can view any characteristic or data contained in multiple data sources including: DOT, O*Net, Occupational Outlook Handbook, Wage & Salary data for your State and major cities and much, much more.

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You may use the % sign as a wildcard.  
In the DOT Number field, to Search by Category, Division or Group
(1st 2nd and 3rd digits of the DOT respectively) enter the first digit or digits followed by a % sign.  
For example:  If you wanted to find Machine Trades (First Digit 6)  you would enter 6%
If you wanted to find Machine Trades Printing Occupations, you would enter  65%
If you wanted to find Machine Trades printing Machine Occupations 652, you would enter 652%

In the DOT Title field you can enter the exact DOT Title to find the occupation you want. 
However, you may not know the title.  You can use the % sign to help you.  
For example:  To search for all "CLERK" related occupations, you would enter: %CLERK%  
(If you wanted to find only those occupations that begin with the word CLERK, you could enter CLERK%

DOT Number * Do not enter hyphens, digits or % or _ only
DOT Title


SVP - Specific Vocational Preparation is defined as the amount of lapsed time 
required by a typical worker to learn the techniques, acquire the information, 
and develop the facility needed for average performance in a specific job-worker situation. 

Level         Time 

1     Short demonstration only 
2     Anything beyond short demonstration up to and including 1 month 
3     Over 1 month up to and including 3 months 
4     Over 3 months up to and including 6 months 
5     Over 6 months up to and including 1 year 
6     Over 1 year up to and including 2 years 
7     Over 2 years up to and including 4 years 
8     Over 4 years up to and including 10 years 
9     Over 10 years 


DOT # DOT Title SVP DOT Description
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