Career A.I. is our flagship product.

It's Simple
Includes: Interest Inventory, Resume Information (how to), Create Resume Template (fill-in-the-blank resume tool), Cover Letter Information (how to), Create Cover Letter (fill-in-the-blank resume tool), Job Search Techniques (info), Interviewing section (info), Additional Job Tips section (info), Secure Mail (encrypted message sytem client-counselor), Client Career Journal/Log (entry log for prospects and results)

It's Advanced
For counselors or HR professionals, all the features of our WebTSA Transferable Skills Analysis are available to you, as well as the Simple Section.

Three levels of transferability. Occupational Category and Skill Level Search. Limitations Only search. View results immediately, online, or send for professionally formatted reports.

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Downsizing is often unavoidable. Assist your employees with their transition to a new occupation or career using Career A.I.


Skilled, qualified people are a valuable resource. Placing the right person in the right job is a win win for everyone involved.

Proper placement is not easy. You need the right tools to correctly identify skills, interests, and occupations that meet the needs of the client and the employer.

We provide those tools to you in the most accessable way possible: the Internet.

Career A.I. does it all
Our multilevel approach targets the client, the counselor and the administrator (or counseling manager) to best serve each area of expertise.

Clients need information. They need to know where their work interests lie. Some need basic instructions on how to get a job, create a resume and a cover letter. Others simply need to brush up their job skills or have a convenient place to store and organize their job hunt.

Counselors needs differ. They are tasked with assisting the client and case mangement. They need to be able to access the client's work to proofread, and offer tips and suggestions. Their job is to help the client succeed. Career A.I. makes their job easier by providing the client basic tools as well as the best professional Transferable Skills Analysis available. What-if scenarios, pre/post injury evaluations, limitations-only reports and more can be obtained using Career A.I.

Administrators need a way to help and supervise their counseling staff, ensure clients are getting what they need, and keep an eye on the bottom line.