Andrea Brown, MA, CRC, P.C. 

Vocational Rehabilitation and Case Management


We specialize in creating vocational solutions that return injured employees to work.  Whether we are helping an employee regain his or her previous position, or helping the employee find a new vocational focus, our philosophy remains the same:  We find solutions that meet the needs of the injured worker, the employer and the insurer. We work with other members of the rehabilitation team to create solutions which help control time loss or disability expense, and reduce the rate of the re-injury claims.  

Our Mission

"Creating Solutions for Worker's Compensation and Disability Claims"

Company Profile

**Professional Member of National Rehabilitation Association

**Professional Member of International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals-Private Sector

*Private Provider of Vocational Rehabilitation Services-State of Texas

*Certified Provider of Vocational Rehabilitation-State of Washington

*Certified Provider of Vocational Rehabilitation-State of Ohio

*Qualified Rehabilitation Provider-State of Ohio

*Qualified Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor-State of Nebraska

*Qualified Job Placement Specialist-State of Nebraska

*Vocational Rehabilitation Evaluator-State of Oklahoma

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(972) 596-2727
[] (800) 454-8419
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P.O. Box 261689
Plano, TX  75026-1689
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General Information: Andrea Brown MA, CRC, P.C