Software can be a wonderful tool for your business, 
or it can be an expensive time-wasting chore.  
Historically, we offered software to our customers 
and they loved it.  Everything changes, however:
Windows changes, data changes, features are added.  
Updates and patches have become the rule of the day.  
Hard drives crash.  Incompatibilities are problematic 
at best.  

We didn't want our customers to have software update 
problems with our tools, so we put all of our software on
the Net. No more problems.  All you need is your browser.
VocRehab.com Features:
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Limitations Only Analysis
  • Data People Things Analysis
  • 46 different reports to choose from and counting
  • Completely Interactive Web Site
    Perform �What-If� analyses, Instantly
  • Pay by client, unlimited re-runs
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
  • O*Net data
  • Metropolitan Wages
  • Projection data
  • Fast turnaround, average return 5 minutes
  • Work from anywhere, on any computer
  • No software to install
  • No patches or updates
  • No costly upgrades
  • No compatibility problems
  • Professional Looking Reports, not just text
  • No costly licensing agreements
  • Run as many or as few reports as you like
  • Lowest cost for a TSA anywhere
  • Bulk purchasing
  • Free DOT Title Search
  • Free DOT Number Search
  • Free DOT Description Search
  • Free Military Crosswalk
  • Free E-mail account for registered users
  • Free TSA guides
  • Free Occupational Information
  • and many many more

The best software is on the Net:

If you haven't tried our service, you don't know how much easier your job can be.

Save hours of time, not just minutes.

Ask your colleagues.  They are already online.

We are available anywhere.  Do you have to wait until you get to your office machine to do your job?  Can you afford that?

Do you really want to hire an IT department so you can keep your company current?

Everyone already knows how to use a browser. 

Elaborate training is unnecessary to use our online TSA.

We are the leading edge because we never stop improving our site and our products.