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Professional Internet Transferable Skills Analysis Prices

Analyses are charged by the client or "client pack:"  $35.00 per client pack.

Therefore, you can get the following:

  • TSA 
  • Limitations Only analysis 
  • Data, People Things analysis 
  • > 40 report types
  • and more

all for only $35.00.    (U.S. Dollars)   

And, you can re-do the client as often as you like.

Volume Discounts

You can purchase reports in advance, in quantity, at a discount.
Discounts must be arranged and paid for, in advance.  

  10 analyses @ $30.00 each:     $300.00  (You save $50.00)
  50 analyses @ $25.00 each:  $1,250.00  (You save $500.00)
100 analyses @ $20.00 each:  $2,000.00  (You save $1500.00)


** Payments can be made through PayPal.  Please note that purchases of 100 or more TSA's through PayPal will require you to be a "Verified" PayPal member.  This may take 72 hours to process as they must verify that you are indeed the owner of the account.  This is done for your protection.

Additional discounts may be made available for larger quantities on a contractual basis. Please contact us if you have a need for large quantities than listed here.
 Contact Form

We are now able to offer a Private Server for Federal and State Governments, or for large companies wishing to keep their data on their own machine exclusively.

While your data is perfectly safe on our secure shared server,  we are happy to offer this additional amount of personalized attention to our corporate and government customers.

Should you have interest in having a proprietary server set up for your State, Federal, or Local Government, or for your company, please contact us for pricing details.

Please use our contact form to be sure you can reach us:
 Contact Form

PayPal Payments can be made and the order is immediately processed and posted to your account.

FREE reports?
You can earn free credits * for referrals to our service.  Simply tell a friend or colleague about our service.  When they register ask them to indicate who referred them on the registration form.  We will then add one free report credit to your account per referral. 

* (credits can only be redeemed for reports and have no cash value)
* Prices are subject to change without notice.  We will post any new pricing on the web in clear view.  

To purchase using PayPal you must log in using your password.
Click the button labeled: BUY / PAY USING PAYPAL

Using PayPal on our site is easy.  You have basically two choices:
1. Make a payment  for previously run TSA's
2. Purchase TSA's in advance.

1.  When you make a payment, your payment is applied to your oldest outstanding TSA's first.  If you overpay, your overpayment is considered a pre-purchase and you will notice you have pre-paid TSA's the next time you log in.

Results of your payment are immediate.  That is, your payment is applied to your account as quickly as it is processed through PayPal.
You will need to log in again to see the results.

2. Pre-purchased amounts will appear when you next log in as Pre-Paid TSA's.
* Sorry, you cannot pre-purchase a 10, 50 or 100 client pack of TSA's and apply them to previously run TSA's.

Payment Policy

  • Users of this site who do not pre-pay are expected to submit payment within 30 days of receiving their invoice.

  • Users are responsible for obtaining payment from their company.

  • We understand that billing is often handled by a separate department and may be delayed.  However, users with outstanding payments past 90 days will have their passwords placed on hold and will not be allowed to use the site until their account is brought up to date.

  • Outstanding accounts beyond 120 days may be turned over to collections unless an explanation to the delay is forthcoming and arrangements are made for payment with our billing department.

  • If you ever question a charge, please let us know and we will do whatever we can to correct the account, if necessary.