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VocRehab Public Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Is it time for a new career?
  • Have you been laid off?  Fired?
  • Has an illness or injury prevented you from working?
  • See how many Highly Transferable Jobs you have, as you go!

Try a Transferable Skills Analysis and see what jobs you can do with the skills you already have.  A Transferable Skills Analysis will show you what types of jobs you can do and what they pay in major metropolitan cities in your State, based on the jobs you have done before.   It's easy, quick and very informative.

Before you look at any job sites, find out what you can REALLY do.

Click here to see what you will get: Sample Analysis 

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Step 1
In this step you simply enter your e-mail address and a password will be sent to you.

PLEASE enter your e-mail address carefully or you will not be able to receive a password.

Once you receive our password, you can then locate your employment history in Step 2. 

There is no charge for Step 1.

Step 2
Entering your Employment History
Enter the password you received in an e-mail from VocRehab.com.  Then, locate and save your Employment History.  As you enter your history, the number of Highly Transferable jobs that you have will be displayed.

You will also see a button labeled SEND TSA.  This button will be activated once payment is made.

There is no charge for Step 2.

Step 3
PayPal Payment
Once you have completed Step 2, you may purchase your analysis through PayPal.  This is not a free service.  The cost per analysis is $25.00 U.S. Currency.

When you have made payment, you can then, log in to Step 2 again.  Your employment history has already been saved for you. Enter your password.  Click the Send TSA button and you will then be able to receive your analysis.
(This button does not work until payment is made.)

Prefer to pay by check?
No problem.  Simply send a check or money order to:
VocRehab, PO Box 843, Sun City, CA 92586
You MUST include the password sent to you by VocRehab.
Please include this password on the check itself. 
As soon as the check clears, we will submit your TSA.
(Sorry, customers outside of the U.S. must use PayPal.)

Organizational Volume Discounts Available
Contact us for more information. 
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Please Note:

This is not a free service. 
In order to complete a Transferable Skills Analysis, you will need  a credit card and you must pre-purchase the analysis.  The charge is $25.00 in U.S. Currency.  

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print your PDF reports.
The Acrobat Reader is available for free from the Adobe web site:  www.Adobe.com
All reports are printed in this format.