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Locating your Employment History

In order to create a transferable skills analysis you must be able to find your employment history (previous jobs you have held) or as close a match as possible to your employment history,  in our databases.

Our transferable skills analysis is based on your employment history as described in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles, which is published by the U.S. Department of Labor. We use this source to determine transferable skills.  

In Step 2 we ask you to please make sure you can locate each of the occupations you have held in the past by searching for key words in the titles.  When you are sure you can locate your employment history titles, then you can proceed to Step 3: payment. 

Locating your employment history is done by using our" key word title" search engine.
We have broken up the various job titles in our databases to make this easier to do.

You simply enter a key word from one of your past job titles.

John Doe has held 4 occupations in his life.
His Employment History is as follows:

1.  Bartender
2.  Short Order Cook
3.  Bank Teller
4. Construction Worker

Using these examples in our search, John can search for any of the following words:

  • bartender
  • short
  • order
  • cook
  • bank
  • teller
  • construction
  • worker

Each of these is a "key" word.  Of course some of the words have more meaning and are more descriptive for the type of jobs he used to have.

Searching for Short or Order, probably doesn't describe the title "Short Order Cook" as well as the word "cook" does.  Therefore, you may want to try to pick the most descriptive word from a job title as possible, to make your search easier and faster.

This is not to say that "Short" or "Order" would not find what you are looking for, but it might be slower than looking for all jobs with the word "cook" in them.

Occupations such as "Bartender" have only one word in the title, therefore you simply enter the 1 key word.

There are times when you may have to be somewhat creative with your job history titles.
What you may think your job title is and what the title is in our databases may be totally different.  Sometimes it is best to try various key words that would describe your occupational title.

For example, if you are a doctor, you may want to search on the word "doctor."
It would also be a good idea to try "physician" or the subspecialty that you practice, such as "psychiatrist."

Your Goal in Step 2 is to make sure you can find the jobs you have held in our database, or a job that describes your previous position as closely as possible.
We highly recommend you review the Descriptions using our description buttons.  The closer the match the better.

You will notice you after you enter your search key word, that the results will be displayed in a list, with any Employment History Results displayed on top

Your jobs will be added to the list at the top of the page showing:

You will notice Select radio buttons for your Employment History as well.
This allows you to Select an occupation to REMOVE should you make a mistake.
To REMOVE and occupation, click the Select Radio button next to the occupation you wish to remove and then click the Remove

Below your Employment History as Entered so far, is a list of Search Results for the key word you entered.

To ADD any of the occupations to your history, you simply click the radio button to the left of the occupation you wish to select
.Clicking the button alternates between selected and not selected.  Black is selected.

You may only select 1 occupation to add at one time.
To add the job, first select it, then click the add button.

You may Add and Remove Occupations as needed.
You are limited to a maximum of 15 previous occupations.

We highly recommend you review the Descriptions using our description buttons.  The closer the match the better.

First, click the select button you are interested in, then click either of these buttons.  Each will give a description of the occupation.
DOT description is the Dictionary of Occupational Titles Description.
OOH Description is the "Nature of the Work" section of the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

If you cannot find your occupation in the first set of matches that are displayed, click the "View Next set of matches" button.

After you have added your match to your Employment History, you can go on to a New Search.

Once you have found all of your previously held occupations, click the Employment History Completed Button,

The reason we ask you to search first is to make sure you can find your job in our databases.  If not, we cannot run a TSA for you.  Our databases do contain most, if not all occupations. However, new occupations are created every day.  We are limited to those occupations as described by the Department of Labor in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles and in the Occupational Outlook Handbook.  If you cannot find your previously held occupations, do not go on to Step 3.