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Why would I want a Transferable Skills Analysis?

Career Crossroads Finding a job is difficult.  Finding a new career can be confusing, if not painful, even if you have the help of numerous job sites on the Internet.   

You could polish up the old resume and send it out to hundreds of employers (offering the same kind of job you have now.)  Sending out resumes is not likely to help you find a new career, just the same career you have now. 
What if you don't want to do the same type of job anymore?  

What if you can't do the same type of job anymore? 

That is where a Transferable Skills Analysis can be extremely helpful. 
By analyzing your previous occupations (your previous skills) our Transferable Skills Analysis (WebTSAtm) can tell you what type of occupations you can do, using skills you already have acquired from previous jobs you have held. 

It can also tell you what those transferable skills jobs pay in most * of the Major Cities of the State of your choice.  Very handy information if you are deciding to re-career.  * Not all cities are represented.  Only those major metropolitan cities polled by the bureau of labor statistics are included in our results.

Our Transferable Skills Analysis can tell you what jobs you can do, now.  It can give you vital information about those jobs, such as:

  • The nature of the job, what is required, the working conditions
  • What training or qualifications are necessary
  • What is the employment outlook
  • What about advancement
  • Earnings? City & State
  • Where can I get more information?

Our Transferable Skills Analysis is a great tool designed to help you explore your skills, your options, your career possibilities.

Sample Analysis  * You must have Adobe Acrobat to View this Sample and use this site.  (This sample has been reduced from it's actual size)