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What's New...

We just keep making it better!

What is Career A.I.? 


View Current Job Listings of your TSA results!

View Current Job Listings as part of SJIS

Wage data updated on both TSA and SJIS.


We have added a great new feature to SJIS.  Now you can view and "capture" data as you go.  This captured data can then reviewed and e-mailed to you.

You can then copy and past the e-mailed text into your word processor to edit.  We think it will be very helpful.

We have also added a Projections button, to the groups of data buttons already presented.  Click this button to see National Projection data related to your occupation of choice.  (You can capture this too!)

To use SJIS Capture:

  • Start your search as you would normally do.
    View the results of your search. 

  • Select the occupation of interest.

  • Select the type of data you wish to view, such as DOT Description.  You will see 2 new buttons, Capture and View Captured. 

  • Click Capture.  Your DOT Description has been captured for you.

  • Click Return.  View the next type of data you would like in your report.

  • Click Capture...and so on until you have all the data you want.

  • View 1 more data type again, or even the same one as before: DOT Description. 

  • Click the View Captured button. 
    You will see all the data captured, displayed in a long table.

  • Click the SEND button, and the data will be sent to your e-mail address.  The email will be formatted better than the view captured page.  The view captured page is only to remind you what you already have captured.

We currently do not have a clear feature. This will be added shortly. 
If you need to create more than 1 report, simply log in again.



We have added what we feel is an incredible new Job Information Search.  We think it is so great we have named it SUPER Job Information Search or SJIS. 
If you would like to see what it looks like, click here:
Free Search Sample View


We hope you find it useful.

You can search by Title or partial title in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) or the Standard Occupational Classification Titles (SOC).  You will then be presented with 22 different buttons sets which will show you a variety of information about any of the jobs in your results.  It's amazing!

You can find salary information for major metropolitan cities as well as job outlook information from the OOH.

We are currently working on adding additional databases to search and view.  If you have suggestions, we are always glad to hear from our customers.

Current (2004) TSA users do not need to obtain a password.  Your current system passwords will work.

We are now able to offer a private server for Federal and State Governments, or for large companies wishing to keep their data on their own machine exclusively.

While your data is perfectly safe on our secure shared server,  we are happy to offer this additional amount of personalized attention to our corporate and government customers.

Should you have interest in having a proprietary server set up for your State, Federal, or Local Government, or for your company, please contact us for pricing details.

Please use our contact form to be sure you can reach us:
 Contact Form

Military Search added to Vocational History. 
Now you can easily search for Military Occupation by MOC code, MOC title or keyword.  Uses the LATEST MOC 3/2004 crosswalk. 

This is the best Military to DOT Transferable Skills Analysis available to date!

The results will show the DOT occupations cross-walked to the military title/code to allow for a correct TSA.  Simply add the DOT occupations as usual and run the TSA.

Summary Reports updated with New Projection Data 2002-20012

Speedier than ever!

We will be implementing a new faster server that will get reports to you more quickly than ever.  The new server will give us more than speed so we hope to implement new features for everyone!

2 New Reports Available!
Two new reports are available to you under the My Preferences button.
Professionals understand the Work Field and MPSMS fields data, but often their clients do not.  In an effort to make the reports easier to explain, we have added two new reports:
1. Employment History
2. All Transferable in one.
These reports include the description of the work fields and MPSMS fields, making it easier to explain.  You can review the skills from the Employment History report and compare them with the Transferable results.

Incredible new feature!

Our TSA has never been easier, and it has always been a snap! You can now build and view your vocational history as you go.
Search for that DOT title by keyword and pick it from a list of results.  You can add or remove occupations as you see fit.  You can also view the DOT description or the Occupational Outlook Handbook description right in your browser, instantly.

We really hope it will make entering the employment history a whole lot easier for everyone. 

In our effort to constantly improve our system and service, we have added the O*Net database to our report options. 
Yes, there is O*Net In-It.  From the Enter Preferences button you may now choose any or all of 7 different new reports:
  1. Ability
  2. Skills
  3. Work Value
  4. Work Context
  5. Knowledge
  6. Interest
  7. Work Activity

The reports will show you the DOT Highly Transferable Results, cross-walked to the O*Net database, if found.  We have currently limited the results to Highly Transferable Occupations, due to the size and amount of data printed.

For more O*Net information click here: O*Net

Professional DOT Description Search!

Finally, you can search the DOT Job Descriptions for any word.  Simply enter a keyword to search.  You will be presented with a list of the DOT Numbers and Titles in which the keyword appears in the Job Description.
Click on View DOT Description and Voila!  the description shows with every occurrence of the keyword bolded to make it easy to find.  Now, searching for those job titles is easier than ever!

Public Transferable Skills Analysis Available
We have had so many requests for our Transferable Skills Analysis from the public, that we have decided to offer a public TSA.  We use the same Professional TSA engine that we use on the Professional side, in a modified form for the general public to use.  Our hope is that career changers and explorers should find our reports every bit as useful as our professional counselors. 

Limits set on report size
We have decided to limit the size of some reports going out due to the delay it is causing other users.  Individual PDF reports are now limited to 500 pages.

Some requests have been made that are most likely due to a misunderstanding on the users part.
Request for Description reports or Comprehensive reports with results of > 1000 are too large to process efficiently or be of any value.

User E-mail systems are not large enough to accept reports of this size and are returned to us.
* Customers using the RTF format should be very conscious of the size issue.  RTF tend to be quite large.  If you need the results of a large RTF report, please use the Security/Compression feature in the Enter Preferences button.  This creates a very small compact ZIP file that you can then unzip on your machine.  It is faster for you to receive and for us to send.

Please use the View Buttons provided to determine the number of results, prior to requesting Descriptive reports or Comprehensive reports.  1 record equals 1 page of material, approximately.  Several users have requested reports that would have run 7000 pages or more.  This delays everyone's reports, as they are done in FIFO order: first in, first out.

Thank you.

Super CIP Report Added
We have taken one of our All-in-One reports (shows all levels of transferability) and combined it with the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) to show you the educational programs and descriptions for the transferable occupations you obtain.  We hope you find this report useful if you are considering training.

View Sample:  John Doe Super CIP

Color added to Client List
Dazzled when you bring up your list of clients? 
Client list now sorted by color, date run and unpaid.
Please check your client list and update your account as necessary.

Green Run within the last 30 days, unpaid.
No problem.
Yellow Run within the last 60 days, unpaid.
Is there a problem?  Please let us know so you don't lose your privileges.
Red Run over 90 days, unpaid.
If you see clients in red, please send a check immediately or use PayPal.
Users in the red may have their passwords placed on temporary hold.
Please contact us if you need to make special arrangements.
Blue Client created but no TSA reports requested  and no results ever viewed online.

PayPal Payments available!  

You may now make payments for previous analyses or pre-pay with huge savings, instantly, using PayPal.
Visa, Master Card, Discover Card or American Express are all accepted.
Using PayPal is very easy and secure.  Click the BUY OR PAY USING PAYPAL button after you log in.

Postal address:
P.O. Box 843
Sun City, CA  92586

If you need assistance, please contact us: Contact VocRehab.com  or call 800-365-5449.

Skills Search!
Another request from our survey fulfilled.
Please notice there is a new button on the Menu page.
With this button you can click on any of the 96 skills presented.
Click submit and your results are displayed. 
These results include any limitations you entered too.
If you want a report of this sent to you, you must use the SEND LAST VIEW button, by hitting BACK in your browser twice.
SEND LAST VIEW is on the Menu page (the one with all the buttons)
We will send out an e-mail to everyone shortly announcing this new feature.

Another New Report!
We do read your survey comments and have added a new report by request.
Check out the All-in-one GOE/OES report which is our All-in-one report grouped by GOE and OES!
Very helpful if you need GOE or OES data.

Print reports in Rich Text Format (RTF)

Now you can choose PDF (Portable Document Format) or RTF (Rich Text Format) when you create an analysis at VocRehab.com.
RTF (Rich Text Format) was designed by Microsoft as an open format for interchanging documents between Microsoft Word and other word processing packages. It is supported by WordPerfect, FrameMaker, Interleaf and many other packages on UNIX, Apple, Macintosh, Next, and PC platforms.

RTF allows you to load your reports into your word processor to view and edit as much as you like.  Previously, using PDF, you were only able to view and print reports.

Note: The conversion process from a regular report to RTF is not perfect.  You will notice, at times, that some words have not aligned themselves properly and will need a modest adjustment.  We will try to improve the conversion process as the technology improves, but for those who need editing ability now, we think you will be pleased.

Note: You may want to speed your download process by choosing our Security feature.  Using the security feature compresses the output of the RTF documents.  RTF Documents tend to be much larger than their PDF counterparts, therefore, taking longer to download into your e-mail box.

Why tell anyone about your favorite secret resource? 
While we can't argue that it does give you a business edge to have VocRehab.com as your private resource, we're sure you have friends and colleagues who would benefit from our service, without directly competing with you.  Also, we provide a free analysis to you for every referral who registers with us.  What we get out of it is obvious: growth.  The more members we have, the more information and features we will be able to offer, many for free.

Vocational History Composite Profile Report
We've added another report to the Transferable Skills Analysis and Data People Things Analysis: Vocational History Composite Profile

This report shows your client's Vocational History in a list form and a composite of their history:  All maximum characteristics for all Vocational History Occupations, on one page.

New Summary Report 

  • Graphical view of Transferable Skills results
  • BLS occupation projections to 2005 (Highly Transferable)
  • Highest Mean Hourly Wage Occupations (Highly Transferable)

Internet Transferable Skills Analysis

Yes, now you can do a TSA right on the Internet.   Simply Register with VocRehab to obtain your password into the system.  Once you have your password, you can begin creating TSA using up to 15 previous occupations.

Want more details? Internet Transferable Skills Analysis

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