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Satisfied Customers...

Our Satisfied Customers are Everywhere!
          (All 50 States & Canada)


Survey Comments/Results

I love the convenience of this system. We were previously using Lifestep, but I am much more satisfied with this one. Rare to have tech problems, and I can pull it up any time I need it. Thanks!!!

Armstrong and Associates (Greenboro, NC)

"I am very happy with the customer service I have received from the help desk - very patient and eager to please. Thank you."
Wilcher Van Dyck and Associates Inc (Reno, NV)

"Love your service, VocRehab.com, and the way you continue to update and improve the product. I highly recommend this web site and service to any serious Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor."
Lynn C. Fox & Associates, Inc. (Honolulu, HI)

"I am very impressed with your customer service---quick, efficient and very helpful!"
Milestones (Santa Fe, NM)

"As an associate of Glenn, this is my 1st use of the system, but from what I've been able to view this far, this will be very useful in my job doing TSA's to determine work potential for people on WC and LTD.  Thanks for the excellent service- Look forward to receiving the TSA reports, especially the wage information. We use this type of report in negotiating settlements and in court."
Key Risk Management Services (Greensboro, NC)

"I hope you guys are making money. We are just getting started and will be heavily relying on your services in the near future."
Elizabeth Daschner (Roseville, CA)

"I have been pleased with the ease of this system"
Armstrong and Associates

What is the one thing you wish you could get from a Vocational Information service?  (survey question)
"Good dependable service which I am getting from you."
Delores Gonzalez (Fenton, MO)

Would you prefer to have software on your computer rather than using a service? (survey question)
"Also, regarding software on on my computer? A hassle to keep updated, burden on the memory and, when used, such programs often burden the computer resources. Thank you for the web based service!"

"Good pricing. As a subcontractor, I have to absorb the cost. this cost is workable."
Options Plus (Hollywood, FL)

"Keep up the good work"
Intracorp (Itasca, IL)

"This service has worked well for the last 2 1/2 years. My case load includes a range of disability system clients. Systems include: Workers Compensation (Florida/California/Michigan), Long-Term Disability, Dissolution, Auto Injury / Liability."

England & Associates (St. Petersburg, FL)

"Your system is the best to date"
Cascade Disability (Oneida, NY)

"I love the reports. They have been very helpful to my workload."
Genex Services  (Oklahoma City, OK)

"I feel the system is great at it is. It provides great information for both my claimants and the account.
I love the charting- very visual for the claimant
Fair. The price is very reasonable for the small business owner.
I have used software systems that were very expensive and not conducive to the small business/private practice. This is great as I only pay for the information / TSA's I receive. Thank you for this service."
ManageAbility (Howell, MI)

"I am very happy with your service. I have had no problems and like the improvements you have made. It is easy to use and quick"
OConnell Zersen LLC (Houston, TX)

Thank you for your service and e-mail updates. No Questions. No problems.
Edith Loesch (Sarasota, FL)

"Everything we get is great."
Genex Services (Sacramento, CA)

Unsolicited Comments from our biggest fans... Our customers:

"You guys are pretty wonderful... I have been with Intracorp 20 years and am a CRC, CDMS, CCM -Field Specialist III.   I was really pleased you guys made this so easy for me."
 Mary Ellen Hall

Thomas J. Kulik
TJK Consulting Group Inc.

"This is the best software I have ever used in this business. I have tried several of the others and this is the most user-friendly.   It is the easiest and most cost-effective."
Wes Cox
Genex Services

Thanks again for this great software and patience in providing technical support!!  
By-the-way, this software has made my job much easier and doing a TSA takes far less time than researching the DOT. The report presentation is excellent!

Wayne Pless
Humana/Protegrity Insurance Services

"I have been a rehabilitation professional in the private sector since 1987, and I have worked in the vocational rehabilitation field for over 20 years. Having ready access to a reliable, user-friendly and affordable DOT-based TSA software product has always been a thorny issue in my practice. It has only been since ZoomSuite's recent debut on the Internet that I can truly say that I have found the perfect tool for carrying out my counseling, case management and forensic responsibilities. For $25 (or less, considering volume discounting), I now can have a valid and defensible TSA e-mailed to me within an hour--and it's completely ready for printing and becoming a vital part of an Initial Vocational Assessment Report I am completing, or the basis for a local Labor Market Survey, or even an evidentiary document for my next expert testimony appearance. In the present climate of Daubert (92-102) and Kumho (97-1709), I wouldn't dare  present an opinion or report without the support that ZoomSuite offers. Finally, when I've had technical questions, I've simply called, and a technician has been consistently available, generous and helpful in teaching me to get the most out of VocRehab.com and ZoomSuite."

Carl Barchi, M.Ed., CDMS, QRC
President, Self Work
Newport, RI

"I wanted to let you know that your system is the easiest and most
comprehensive that I have used in my 25 years in the field."
Hines VA Hospital, Hines IL
Veterans Administration (VA)

"Thank you sooo much for your help and support.  As you well know, we don't always get the results we are hoping for, but this saved me valuable time in manually doing the tsa. We will definitely use your services again!  Thanks again for all your assistance."

Employment Rehabilitation Services
10400 Courthouse Road, PMB# 291
Spotsylvania, VA 22553-1712

"We have their product.  Yours is so much easier to use."

"I save 45 minutes on every file now."

"We used to use (brand x) at my last company.  But they want $6000.00 for their program.  We can't afford that."

"ZoomSuite makes me want to stay up all hours of the night to get to use it."
* ZoomSuite is no longer available as a standalone product.  Everything that was in ZoomSuite and more is now online for your convenience.