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This is not a free service.   The cost per analysis is $25.00 U.S. Currency.
Step 3 requires a credit card and uses the secure PayPal service to complete your credit card transaction.  

Sample Analysis  * You must have Adobe Acrobat to View this Sample.
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Once we have received confirmation of payment the Send TSA button is activated.
You can then log in to Step 2 and click the Send TSA button.
Your Employment History is saved from Step 2. 
You can make any additional changes you like prior to submitting your request.

NOTE:  A Transferable Skills Analysis does NOT provide you with a list of available or open jobs.

A Transferable Skills Analysis will give you a report of the type of jobs that have skills which match or closely resemble skills that match your Employment History.

What will I receive for my $25.00  Transferable Skills Analysis?

You will receive one Transferable Skills Analysis including at least 4 individual reports.*

  • 1. Employment History Report (Skills and Description of the occupations you entered as your Employment History)
  • 2. Listing of 5 Levels of Transferability Report  (Five levels of transferability, and the skills for the occupation)
  • 3. Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) Correlated Report (Current information on correlated occupations)
  • 4. Occupational Employment Statistics (OES) State Wages Report (Metropolitan Areas)  Wages paid for the occupations in your results in the Major Cities (surveyed) in your State.

Reports vary in size, depending upon your entries, the results obtained, and the State you chose for your Wages Report.

*  The Occupational Outlook Handbook Correlated Report and the OES State Wages Report are correlated to the Highest Level of results you receive.  Therefore, if you have Highly Transferable Occupations, you will receive reports based on Highly Transferable Results ONLY.  We have tried to make sure you receive 10 or more results and have instituted a level "drop down" for these reports.  Basically, that means if you do not have at least 10 Highly Transferable occupations, we will send you both a Highly Transferable Occupational Outlook Correlated Report AND a Closely Transferable Occupational Outlook Correlated Report.  Combined, these should give you ten correlated results.  If not, we drop down an additional level to Moderately Transferable Occupational Outlook Correlated Report.  We want to make sure you get results!  This also holds true for the State Wage report.

There are some occupations that do not have a correlation to the Occupational Outlook Handbook and to the Occupational Employment Statistics Wage report.  If there are no correlated occupations to the results you receive, you may get an empty or zero report.

Our Guaranty of results:

* In the unlikely event that you have Zero transferable results and all of your reports are zero or empty, your payment will be refunded.  Contact Form

Please do not purchase a Transferable Skills Analysis unless:
    1. You have completed Step 2 and are able to locate your Employment History.
    2. You have reviewed the Sample Analysis:
Sample Analysis 
    3. You have read:
What is a Transferable Skills Analysis?